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Weekly Meditation is held every Tuesday morning from 9.30am-10.30am by zoom.

The Meditations are conducted by Accredited Medium, Olivia White. Olivia has been trained and accredited by the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning Mornington to deliver guided meditations. 

During the hour there are three guided meditations, each 20-minute meditation pertains to a particular theme. 

The cost is $15 for the hour and attendance is casual.  Everyone is welcome. To book your spot, text Olivia on 0409 580 008   

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Parenting Spiritually Course - In Support of Your Child

The Parenting Spiritually Course is a comprehensive approach to parenting that helps parents from pre-conception to well into your child’s adulthood.  It involves parenting children in a new way, not based upon the way you may have been parented, but based on what your child needs at different points in time.


It deals with specific issues parents are facing with their children.


This course fills the void of information and support available to pre-parents and parents at all stages of the parenting cycle, providing parents with an ongoing system of support and knowledge.


It is just as applicable to a grandparent as it is to a prospective parent or parent.


Cost: $200 per day x 4 days (plus the cost of the book $42)

Spiritual Workshop

Understanding a Spiritual Life and How to Live It
(1 Day Workshop)

This workshop is one of a kind, a unique opportunity to gain accurate spiritual knowledge. The information provided is received directly from Spirit through the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning - an organisation dedicated to the teaching of spiritual knowledge.

"I found this workshop extremely beneficial. It has answered questions I have never been able to find answers to. I couldn't recommend it more."  -Molly

You will learn about:

- life on earth and the purpose of humans

- the meaning of spirituality

- the meaning of karma

- freewill, how much do you really have?

- evolution and what it means

- intuition, what it means

- The Spiritual World described

- the cycle of life

Facilitated by Olivia, she has been accredited by the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning Mornington to teach this course.

In addition to the knowledge shared, you will experience a deep guided meditation and leave with an information booklet and three recorded guided meditations. 



Date: 10am-5pm, Saturday 24 June  

Venue: 29 Dava Drive, Mornington

Cost: $220


Date: 10am-5pm, Sunday 18 June  

Venue: Yoga Farm, 150 McCanns Road, Mt Duneed

Cost: $220

If you are interested in finding out more 

or to book your spot, please contact us. 

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Personal Harmony Group Program   

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony" Gandhi

To enjoy growing, thriving and feeling harmony within yourself and with the larger world you operate in, despite challenges, stress and change, we help you diagnose and close your values gaps - the gaps between what you think, what you say and what you do.

Joining a group for this values program:

  1. Diagnoses what really matters to you and if these values are what you place value on

  2. Provides a powerful and meaningful values' set for growth and harmony

  3. Exposes which critical values gaps create disharmony and conflict within you and how you relate to others

  4. Assists you to close these values gaps to create harmony within you and with your environment.

This values-led program is explored with the support of a like-minded group. Before you start, you will do two questionnaires which only take approximately 25-minutes to complete. A comprehensive evaluation with summaries, graphs and percentage results showing your values gaps which create disharmony in you and in how you relate to others and explaining how to resolve these gaps is immediately sent to your facilitator, Olivia. Combined with your participation in this group program, this evaluation will bring new light, hope and harmony to the way you live your life. Take a risk. Feel the difference!

Group Program 

Level 1- Personal Harmony (2 days)

Level 2- Harmony with your Environment (2 days)


Level 1 - TBC 

Level 2 - TBC

The cost is $230 per day and is facilitated online via Zoom, 10am-5pm.  

Facilitated by Olivia, an Accredited Personal Harmony Coach and Trainer.

DOWNLOAD full program details 

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