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Shaun Rogers Medium

Shaun Rogers Medium, Concomitant Healer, Animal Healer & Trainer

Olivia White Spiritual Counsellor

Olivia White

Medium, Spiritual Counsellor, Personal Harmony Coach & Trainer, Hahnemann Healer & Trainer

Shaun has been training in Spiritual work since the age of 15. He was drawn to spiritual work because of how the work made him feel. With a knowing that what he was doing what felt right, his commitment to spiritual work drove him to continue to grow as a person and continue to develop himself. Shaun finds this work rewarding in that he gets to give back to others through this work and aid others in making positive change within their lives.

Shaun in a fully trained and accredited Medium having done his training through Sphinx Spiritual. He began his exploration of the spiritual world as a teenager and it has been a way of life for him ever since.

This has allowed him to develop a strong connection with his guide, Black Elk, who when last on earth was a Sioux Indian. It is his ability to work so closely with his guide that allows him to be the strong medium he is, bringing forward the knowledge and wisdom of his guide to help others.

His soft, sincere and genuine nature, shine through in his readings as he takes clients on a journey to better understand their life, their current issues and to show a way forward for them. His readings can help all, no matter the stage of life you are at. Clients leave a reading with clearer insights about themselves and their issues and a desire to bring about change. Shaun is also a fully trained and accredited Concomitant Healer, Hahnemann Healer, Spiritual Counsellor and Animal Healer.

Shaun has trained as a Medium through Sphinx Spiritual for the past 25 years and lives by the creed that all Sphinx trained and accredited Mediums live by which is to deliver information with accuracy and integrity.


Accredited Medium - Sphinx Spiritual

Accredited Hahnemann Healer & Trainer, Specialising in Animals - Sphinx Spiritual

Accredited Concomitant Healer - Sphinx Spiritual 

Diploma of Spiritual Counselling - Sphinx Spiritual

Accredited Dreams Interpreter - Sphinx Spiritual Counselling

Olivia has an honest and direct approach and invests wholeheartedly with clients so they can discover who they are and make the changes required to live a happy and fulfilling life. Olivia’s energy inspires people to grow and she is skilled at helping people solve problems by seeing a different perspective.

Olivia has trained with Sphinx Spiritual for 8 years and is an accredited Medium, Spiritual Counsellor, Personal Harmony Coach, Hahnemann Healer, Relationship Counsellor and Parenting Coach.  She found spirituality after a long corporate career, in which she found success, but never fulfilment.


Spirituality set her life and work on a new path of freedom, fulfilment and emotional healing. Her work enables clients to understand the origins of their thoughts, feelings and beliefs and get to the root of the issue freeing clients to be who they were meant to be rather than who they learned to be.  


Olivia is also a passionate Hahnemann Healing and Personal Harmony trainer and teacher in workshops designed to deepen people’s understanding of how to live a spiritual life.


Accredited Medium - Sphinx Spiritual

Diploma of Spiritual Counselling - Sphinx Spiritual

Accredited Hahnemann Healer & Trainer - Sphinx Spiritual

Accredited Personal Harmony Coach & Trainer

Accredited Parenting Spiritually Coach and Trainer - Sphinx Spiritual

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