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Accreditation as a Personal Harmony
Group Facilitator 

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Harmony Within Groups/Teams & With The Larger World They Operate In

To grow, thrive and enjoy harmony within themselves and harmony with their environment, groups or teams need help to close critical values gaps in specific personal values to successfully navigate challenges, difficulties, stresses and change.


Other programs reveal personality and style preferences but they don't show or develop a group's innate desire and capacity to grow, change and thrive. This program shows there can be substantial change and growth within the individual group members and collectively, and further testing will reveal the progress made.

The Group/Team Values Program  

  1. Reveals what really matters to your groups/teams and if these values are what they place value on

  2. Provides a powerful and meaningful values set for growth and harmony

  3. Exposes which values gaps create disharmony and conflict within them and how they relate to each other

  4. Explains how to close these values gaps to create harmony within them and with their environment

Groups are the sum of disparate individuals with different backgrounds and different experiences who rarely know themselves let alone each other. What they do know of each other is what the other person feels safe to disclose. You can't bond a group or a team until they properly know each other and what they stand for. Therefore, step one is they have to know that for themselves in a meaningful way. Personal Harmony for groups starts off by allowing each member of the group or team to have an understanding of what they believe their values are, how strongly they believe them and what they actually stand for.

This work really shows the differences between people - their level of conviction, self belief and desire. You will be exposing what they don't know about themselves and then focusing on what is most important to them. It can't be achieved in a superficial way. It has to be achieved in a deep and meaningful way so that people feel more valued, worthwhile, more understood and they can bring their whole self into the group or team.

We provide everything you need to facilitate this 4 day program (as full days or in smaller modules). This includes: online questionnaires, in-depth participant evaluations (complete with summaries, graphs and percentage results) a comprehensive facilitator slide-deck with powerful, engaging content, activities and reflective questions. It also includes a facilitator guide and schedule, slide notes and participant welcome packs. This program enables your participants to close their critical values gaps and make rapid gains in operating at a higher level, with harmony.

We give you the roadmap to target critical values gaps for the best and biggest results. Participants' progress can be measured over a 6-12 month period to review and reinforce positive change and growth, to celebrate the gains made and to inspire more.

DOWNLOAD Personal Harmony Group/Team Program you will be accredited to facilitate

Accreditation as a Personal Harmony Group Facilitator

In only two days, this accreditation will give you the full experience of using our online platform and program which ensures your group/team facilitation becomes more meaningful, powerful and direct by closing critical client values gaps.

Understand how a values-led approach can become your competitive advantage. We’ll also cover how to seamlessly integrate this online platform and program to develop your business and create new opportunities.

  • You will be trained to easily debrief results and extend group work.

  • Take your participants through exercises to recognise how little they understand themselves and the values they hold.

  • Follow the outline to reveal patterns. Exercises and evaluations are provided to keep your participants engaged and inspired while learning about themselves and their group or team and recognising their need for values-based change.

  • Create deep self awareness, understanding, self belief, desire and conviction in your participants and then positive change with the in-depth resources provided.

  • Learn to achieve deeper, lasting group or team outcomes with this powerful, two level program.

  • Enhance and expand your own business with this powerful competitive advantage.

Commitment & Cost

Accreditation as a Personal Harmony Group Facilitator requires 2 days online training.  


The cost of training is $320 per day or $180 per day if you have already completed the Personal Harmony Level 1 & Level 2 Questionnaires.


The next course will run from 10am-5pm, online, via Zoom on the following dates:

Day 1 - TBC

Day 2 - TBC

To register your interest, please contact us.

​​​Further Information

Find out about becoming an Accredited Personal Harmony Coach

For more information visit the Personal Harmony website.

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