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Horse Healing

Animal healing helps alleviate physical pain in your animal and can help you to understand and change behavioural issues. We identify the cause of the problem and work with you to provide guidance on how to best support your animal’s needs.

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We work with trainers and owners to help heal physical, behavioural and performance issues in horses.

Behavioural issues we can help with: 
  • anxiety/spooked
  • biting/kicking
  • dislikes people/children
  • aggressive
  • restlessness
  • stubborn
Performance issues we can help improve:
  • desire to win
  • muscle fatigue/recovery time 
  • fears from past injuries
  • issues related to previous poor treatment (eg by past jockey or trainer) 
Skeletal & muscles issues we treat:
  • dislodged vertebrae & spinal issues 
  • damaged joints 
Read an article on Shaun's work with horse trainer, Alisa Hinch, from Empower Racing. The article refers to Shaun's work as being 'Hinch's Secret Weapon'. 
Watch a fantastic interview by RACING.COM with horse trainer, Alisa Hinch, from Empower Racing where she talks about the work Shaun has done with her horses. 

Horse Healing - contact us for cost assessment 

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