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Personal Harmony Coaching 

Personal Harmony Coaching is different to counselling


Personal Harmony Coaching is different to counselling.  Unlike counselling, coaching commences with two Personal Harmony Questionnaires. 


Level 1 results show your present level of Personal Harmony by measuring 11 core values:

1.   Accountability

2.   Self-Belief

3.   Choice

4.   Ego development

5.   Ability to deal with fear

6.   Growth

7.   Honesty

8.   Non-judgement

9.   Confronting negative patterns

10. Equality

11. Sharing energy 

Level 2 results show your present level of Harmony With Your Environment by measuring another 11 values:

1.   Adaptability

2.   Character

3.   Being expressive

4.   Wisdom

5.   Honest effective communication

6.   Independence

7.   Health

8.   Idealism

9.   Passion

10. Concern for your environment

11. Need for deeper meaning   

The results provide deep insights to the core values that you live by, revealing a true picture of who you are, not just what you choose to reveal or how you wish to be seen. 

The Personal Harmony questionnaires uncover your deepest motivations, and your potential for personal growth and professional development.  

Our coaching then turns those insights into actions that can change and improve how you feel, how you do your work and how you live your life. Instead of getting lost in old patterns you will operate from your values and be clear and purposeful in what you are doing and why.  You will make rapid gains in operating at a higher level.  

Personal Harmony Group Program 

We also offer a Personal Harmony Group Program where you can join like minded people in discovering Personal Harmony through our values-led 2 or 4 day programs. 

Find out more about becoming an Accredited Personal Harmony Coach

$230 - package includes Level 1 Personal Harmony Report plus 1 hour debriefing session​

$380 - package includes Level 1 & 2 Personal Harmony Report plus 1.5 hour debriefing session 

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