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Hahnemann Healing

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Hahnemann Healing is a very powerful form of healing that deals with negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life, including grief, shock, loss, rejection, physical pain and trauma.


If left unresolved, these emotions may be the cause of illness, anxiety or depression.

We have spent years training and are qualified and highly skilled at drawing energy from a higher level and through finger touch to the client, disperse that energy throughout the body.

The energy flows through the nervous system to specific points relating to where the negative emotion is held. Hahnemann Healing can help to release this stored negative emotion. Over a number of days, you will feel a release of emotions and resolution to conflict.

Hahnemann Healing was practiced in Ancient Egypt and is the only healing of its kind in the world today.(Credit: Sphinx Spiritual)


Some of the benefits of Hahnemann Healing may include:
 - An increase in energy

​ - Reducing anxiety

 - Clarity around your life and direction

 - Help ease the feelings of depression

 - Providing gentle care after grief

 - Helping find resolution to conflict

 - Increasing self belief

 - Diminishing anger

 - Reducing sleep problems

 - Reducing sadness

​ - Increasing coping abilities

 - Healing from physical injury after illness or accident

 - Increasing the general feeling of upliftment and joy

 - Reduce the impact of past hurts and emotional arrests 

Find out how to become an Accredited Hahnemann Healer


Hahnemann Healing - $90 per session - 1 hr 

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