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Animal Healing - Dogs & Cats

Animal healing helps alleviate physical pain in your animal and can help you to understand and change behavioural issues. We identify the cause of the problem and work with you to provide guidance on how to best support your animal’s needs.

dog healing
Dogs & Cats
If your animal has physical pain, injury or behavioural issues we can help to heal the physical issue and identify the emotional cause for their behaviour.
We are able to provide you with valuable insight into the cause and resolution of emotional and behavioural issues, especially in rescue animals. We perform a healing on your animal and provide you with information on how you can best support your animal and how they are feeling when they are at home and out and about. 
Behavioural issues we can help with: 
  • anxiety/phobias
  • running away/escaping
  • excessive barking 
  • destructive behaviour
  • scared by noises
  • low energy, not eating much
  • overeating
  • urinates inside
  • dislikes other dogs
  • chases and kills birds
  • chews household objects
  • shaking
  • past trauma (particularly in rescue animals)
Physical issues we can help with:
  • knee, hip, shoulder, back and neck issues
  • muscle, ligament and tendon damage

  • muscle pain/stiffness
  • reflux
  • alleviate pain in ageing animals
"Shaun has provided valuable insights into my pets' behaviour and in a single session fixed a serious and and extremely painful shoulder and hip issue on my cavalier spaniel and reflux in my ragdoll cat. I am extremely grateful and very highly recommend his work" - Fleur  

Dog/Cat Healing - $70 per session, plus travel, depending on location. 

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