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Emotional & Physical Healing for you and your animals

Our Services

We offer a range of advanced emotional and physical healing services specific to your needs.

Mediumship Readings provide you with valuable insights into yourself, your life and how to remove blockages inhibiting your growth.  Our creed in all readings is to deliver information with accuracy and integrity.

The knowledge and methodology used in Spiritual Surgery are both intricate and precise and without physical human intervention or touch. We are able to operate within the body to fix a large variety of physical issues through the use of direct energy.

Spiritual Counselling intervenes in a person's thought processes, giving an understanding of the origin of their actions and reactions.  It offers another belief system to dealing with life's issues. 

Concomitant Healing is a physical healing modality where pressure is applied to very specific parts of the body to help heal physical injuries.

Personal Harmony questionnaires reveal the values gaps that create disharmony and conflict in your life and our coaching helps you reduce these gaps to create harmony in your life.

Hahnemann Healing is a powerful form of emotional healing.  Using light touch, healing energy is directed to specific points on the body to release emotional hurt or pain, improving physical and emotional health.


We work with you and your animal to help resolve behavioural and emotional issues and heal physical pain and serious injuries in beloved family pets through to high performance race and show horses. 

Dog in Nature

If your dog or cat has physical pain, injury or behavioural issues we can help. We use a variety of modalities to heal the physical issue and identify and heal any underlying emotional cause for their behaviour.

Animal brown horse

We work with horses to enable them to perform at their best. We can heal complex injuries as well as emotional and behavioural issues. 

Workshops & Events

We offer specialised spiritual and personal development workshops and events for individuals, groups and corporate teams.

Join us for weekly meditation classes. During the one hour sessions there are three guided meditations, each with a different theme that will assist you in your spiritual growth.

A parenting program to help you connect with your child and allow them to be who they are meant to be. 

This workshop is ideal for anyone seeking spiritual growth. You will receive accurate spiritual knowledge direct from Sphinx Spiritual and learn what it means, and how to live, a spiritual life.

See our full range of training, events and workshops.

Join a group of like-minded people to discover more about yourself and the values gaps that cause conflict within yourself and your relationships.  Enjoy the experience of deep realisations and the happiness that comes from living to your values. 

Training & Accreditation

For those who have the desire to help and heal others, become a Hahnemann Healer or Personal Harmony Coach or Group Facilitator through our accredited training. 

Hahnemann Healing is a powerful form of emotional energy healing.  Become an accredited Hahnemann Healer and enable people to move forward in their life, free from emotional blockages. 

Become a medium as taught by Sphinx Spiritual. The level and standards of their training are very high and to begin this journey is the start of one of the most important and exciting phases of your life

Personal Harmony evaluations allow people to realise the values gaps that are creating conflict in their lives. Become an accredited Personal Harmony Coach and learn how to help clients to understand and close these gaps and make significant change in their lives

To enjoy harmony within themselves and their environment, teams need help to close critical values gaps.  Learn how to create meaningful values-led change so that individuals feel more valued and understood and teams successfully navigate challenges, stresses and change.

About Us

Through our work we bring you a deeper understanding to your life and the clarity you need to grow, find your purpose and find happiness. If you would like to heal and feel more fulfilled, we'd love to hear from you.

Gift Vouchers 

If you know someone who is in need or care, nurturing and loving support, the gift of a voucher could be life changing. There is nothing more loving than the gift of emotional healing and support. Vouchers are available and can be redeemed for any of our services or workshops.

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